Our mission at Startup Company Counsel is to provide the highest quality legal services for startups and growing companies.

We strive to be the outsourced in-house counsel for startups and emerging companies.  Large, established companies have teams of in-house attorneys on staff.  Startups have similar needs but typically not the budget for an in-house attorney.  That is where we come in.  We take care of the legal side of things so our clients can focus on their business goals and objectives. We provide cradle to grave legal solutions for clients over the long term.

Starting your own business should be an exciting time.  But the paperwork involved is frequently not that exciting for entrepreneurs.  We endeavor to understand your business as well as your future objectives, whether that means positioning your company for an initial public offering (IPO), for a future merger or acquisition, or for staying privately held for the foreseeable future.  We then customize legal solutions to help meet your objectives, including processing the associated documents and filings.  Our experienced startup attorneys help identify issues that you may not yet have considered, and can advise you in making important decisions on otherwise complex topics.  As your business grows, we are well-suited to meet your growing legal needs.

Startup Company Counsel is operated by the experienced attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP. We think of our firm as a team. Our business approach encourages collaboration in all aspects of our integrity-driven representation.  Our team of attorneys has specific experience in the areas of corporate law, securities, employment, business litigation and real estate.  We bring the appropriate skills and experience to the challenge at hand. 

Startup Company Counsel has extensive experience helping startups and businesses and can provide the legal guidance you need to succeed. 

Sound Familiar?

who what where when how

If you have spent more than a moment thinking about any of the following – instead of thinking about successfully going to market – then we can help.  

  • What type of entity should I form?
  • What should I name my entity?
  • Where should I incorporate?
  • What do I need to file to start my business?
  • What agreements do I need to have in place when I start?  A partnership agreement? An operating agreement?  A founders agreement?  A buy-sell agreement?  An employment agreement?  A lease?  A non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?
  • What do I need to do to protect my intellectual property?
  • What do I need to do before I hire my first employee?
  • What licenses or permits do I need in connection with my business?
  • What should I have in place to maximize my chances of getting funding from angels or VC’s?
  • What can I expect to pay?
  • What am I missing? 

These questions can understandably seem overwhelming, especially for new entrepreneurs.  Even serial entrepreneurs will find that Startup Company Counsel is tailor-made for their needs.  The startup attorneys at Startup Company Counsel are committed to helping startups every step of the way.

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