Finding Investors for My Startup

Investors for my startup

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It’s the dream of many San Jose entrepreneurs to stand before a group of famed venture capitalists and come out with the deal of a lifetime. However, few startups in need of investors require this opportunity to succeed. Venture capitalists and savvy tech investors are waiting for the right opportunity to invest, and our Silicon Valley startup attorneys at Startup Company Counsel can make you that opportunity.

The right pitch, backed by Startup Company Counsel’s experienced San Jose business attorneys, can help you seize the financial opportunities Silicon Valley has to offer. We can prepare your business to take on investors and protect you from bad investments. To schedule your free investor financing consultation with one of our passionate San Jose business attorneys, call us today at contact us online.

Understanding your

Investment Options

When looking for the right investor, you should first decide on a realistic investment figure. For example, many businesses can increase revenue by developing a mobile application to support their mission. It’s almost necessary for the technological industry. On the high end, these applications can cost $500,000 to $1,000,000 to develop, while independent development may cost anywhere from $25,000 to $150,000. If your start-up is pre-revenue, it may only be valued at $150,000. That’s practically the cost of application development. In this case, you’ll need to surrender so much equity to get the funding you need, and you should consider taking on debt or agreeing to a royalty-type investment strategy. There are investors in Silicon Valley prepared to work with your investment needs, and our attorneys at Startup Company Counsel can help pair your business with the right investment platform.

Preparing for an

Investment Presentation

Many San Jose investors are speculators. They’re hoping that, by making investments in the right start-up, it will lead to future profits. Investors want to know that your business is a safe-bet likely to yield a high return. We understand what investors are looking for a Startup Company Counsel. We’ll help you bulletproof your investment presentation so you can answer the following questions:

  • How much money you need now,
  • Whether you’ll need future investors,
  • Your reasonable business valuation,
  • How much equity you’re willing to surrender,
  • How your equity will be diluted between co-owners and co-founders,
  • Whether you’re ready to accept a loan,
  • Your anticipated future profits,
  • Your business plan,
  • How you’ll use the money, and
  • A timeline for repaying investors.

Silicon Valley investors want you to have a clear vision for the future of your business. They need assurances that your investment plan will allow your start-up to flourish without overwhelming you with debts you cannot repay.

Call an Experienced San Jose Business Investment Attorney Today

At Startup Company Counsel, we know that most business owners are not equipped to answer all of these questions. Some owners are visionaries, while others are focused developers. Our experienced San Jose start-up attorneys can help fill the gaps in your business by finding the investors you need and preparing your investment strategy. To schedule your free investor financing consultation with one of our passionate San Jose business attorneys, call us today at (408)-441-7555 or contact us online.

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