How to Create a Marketing Strategy Before Your Startup Launches?

marketing strategies for a startup

What is a marketing strategy?
No matter how advanced and uncommon is your technology or business model, a startup company usually faces many difficulties while surviving without a proper marketing strategy for startup that centers on customer acquisition. Effective marketing works like a medium that can effectively build the brand’s image and drives messaging to customers and prospects in a relevant, relatable way, but most importantly, it helps expand the sales pipeline.


Is it possible to make an effective business launch plan with minimal spending?
Yes, it is possible and there is absolutely no good logic for a startup to put a pause on marketing as it is the proven chance to multiple growths. As a startup founder, you may think that you need to have a lot of resources available in order to build and execute an effective startup marketing plan for your new enterprise. However, while having good money is surely helpful, it is entirely possible to craft a marketing strategy that needs minimal spending and yields excellent results. The key is to have the proper goals in mind and understand which tools can be the most effective in helping you achieve those purposes.


What are the best marketing strategies for a startup?
The victory of a startup will often depend on its marketing approach. Unfortunately, the majority of startup founders have little to no experience or marketing or managing a marketing budget. So, how will you deal with this dangerous contradiction? Well, it’s in the planning! You just need to make sure that you have got your marketing strategy in line.


Strategic Positioning, Brand and Web Presence:
The initial and the most important step in a successful brand or product launch program is a strategic positioning activity followed by the early adopter target market simulation. Accurate positioning is as crucial as aiming your guns in the right direction at the start of an assault. You can start by determining the ‘category’ that your product or service exists within and then map it to its key product benefits, the core value proposition and opponent benchmarking plans, and objectives – at least for the first 12-24 months. You should keep asking yourself ‘who exactly are my potential customer and why exactly should they buy from me?’


Effective brand development:
In today’s digital world, branding is everything. Your company name, logo and URL need to stand out from the crowd and truly mean something to your targeted clients. You should go for a quality program to find the best-fit brand name and logo for your company. Be creative here and don’t pull it off.


Web Presence:
In the age of social media marketing, your web presence is both more crucial and more complex than ever. In short- a functional site is not enough; you need an advanced website that is capable to perform multiple roles. You need to make your website as a customer ‘application’ rather than just for information.
You need to get your perfect Web presence right before launch! It’s all about the design, but content and structure should be embedded with the most relevant keywords, SEO tags, and visual elements. With the continuing onslaught of mobile internet access and e-commerce, you need to ensure your website is fully responsive to all type of devices, be they laptop, desktop, mobile, or tablet.


Blog Strategy:
Blogs can work as your marketing front foot, so you need to make sure it strikes out for you. Blog sites should be set up correctly and editorial strategies need to be developed.
No business can get by without thriving blogs. To be honest, it’s the core of the modern social marketing and communication strategy. Your blog strategies can boost up the company’s strategic positioning, promote its product or service category and can effectively define credentials.


Viral videos and guerrilla marketing:
This program is applicable for both B2B and B2C environments and done in a way that can help amplify and spike awareness and WOM. They should be correctly produced and executed as done in the wrong way or too fast they can backfire. Viral videos or contests and guerrilla activities are all about great and original ideas.


Coming up with an effective marketing strategy for your startup business can be intimidating. However, there are a few steps you can take to help lead you in the right direction.
• Identify your target market.
• Conduct market research and analyze your competitors.
• Set a marketing budget depending on your marketing goals.
• Create multiple distribution channels.
• Decide what type of content you want to publish
• Determine how it will speak to your target audience.
• Make a list of potential brand influencers to help with promotion.
• Measure your results and set benchmarks. If things don’t go as planned, you should study and make corrections.


Follow these tips if you want to get an effective marketing strategy for your startup.


Creating a killer marketing plan doesn’t require a lot of money. All you need is time, effort and creativity. If you are a startup founder or owner and looking for an effective marketing strategy for your startup business then Startup Company Counsel can provide you the best services. We focus on providing unique and effective marketing solutions that will definitely find your target customers opening up their wallets for you in no time. If you would like to discuss our services further, please call 408-441-7555 or send us an email at today.

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