How do I Choose the Right Name for My Startup?

When starting a new company there are many aspects to think about.  Choosing the best name for a startup company is pivotal in the company’s success.  The accomplished attorneys at Startup Company Counsel have vast experience in establishing new companies and helping their founders create the perfect name. Significant consideration should go into selecting the […]

Hit the Ground Running: What Are The Important Steps When Launching a Startup Company?

Startups create products and services that can revolutionize industries. As a result, startups should plan carefully from the outset in order to ensure effective compliance with all legal requirements and relevant rules and regulations. Doing so ensures that a startup is best positioned to hit the ground running. It is encouraged that startup owners consult […]

How an Attorney Can Help With Your Startup?

Starting, operating, and growing a successful startup can be both exciting and stressful. Developing a viable business idea requires balancing several moving parts, all of which require the undivided attention of a startup’s owner(s). In addition to focusing on the business idea, startup owners should always be aware of the laws, rules, and regulations with […]


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