How an Attorney Can Help With Your Startup?


Starting, operating, and growing a successful startup can be both exciting and stressful. Developing a viable business idea requires balancing several moving parts, all of which require the undivided attention of a startup’s owner(s).
In addition to focusing on the business idea, startup owners should always be aware of the laws, rules, and regulations with which they must be in compliance in order to operate. Being that it is not uncommon for startup owners to be unaware of all such requirements, it is important that the startup seek outside counsel to ensure ongoing compliance.
Experienced business attorneys can work with startups in order to identify necessary steps in order to ensure that the startup remains fully compliant throughout all stages of the startup’s life cycle. A startup lawyer can answer your questions and assist you in the following matters and more:

  • Choosing the best business entity for your startup
  • Legal formation of your startup
  • Drafting documentation such as articles of incorporation, articles of incorporation, and bylaws
  • Securing all necessary licenses and permits required for your startup
  • Successfully filing all documentation with the Secretary of State
  • Protecting your startup’s intellectual property
  • Complying with all employment laws
  • Business transactions and contract review

Startups may face legal issues as they continue to grow and develop. Establishing and developing a working relationship with a skilled and knowledgeable business attorney will help the startup better position itself in the almost inevitable event that legal issues should arise.

By allowing a business attorney to identify and address legal issues such as legal compliance or business restructuring, the startup is better enabled to focus on growth instead of constantly working towards minimizing its potential exposure to liability or legal repercussions. A startup business attorney can also remain familiar with any changes in relevant business laws and can advise the startup on any necessary actions in response to these changes.

Contact Startup Company Counsel to Learn how an Attorney can Help

Staying up to date on all laws relevant to your startup can be time-consuming and stressful. Leaving such matters to an experienced business attorney at Startup Company Counsel allows you to focus on what is most important….day-to-day operations, growing your business, and achieving your goals. Our knowledgeable and dedicated business lawyers can help. Please do not hesitate to call us today at (408) 441-7575 for assistance today.

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