What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Founders?


Company founders – particularly the founders of a start-up company – have many duties, roles, and responsibilities which they must execute and undertake. Founders of small businesses are the heart and soul of that business, and they should know what they can do – and what they should refrain from doing – under various circumstances. If you are the founder of a start-up company, the skilled San Jose corporate attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP can help you avoid legal pitfalls and assist you with excelling at your business.

Management Duties
As the founder of a corporation, you will encounter a number of important management duties. One of the most significant management duties you will likely encounter is managing the board of directors for your corporation. For example, the company founder has a duty to determine the type of board of directors the company will have, as well as the methods by which the board will function and the individuals who will serve on the board (including the company’s officers).

Determining a Vision for the Company
As the company founder, you are responsible for setting the company’s vision and making sure that it is unique and attractive to potential consumers. You should also concentrate on creating value for your customers and making sure that the company is constantly evolving and changing with the times.

Assembling a Good Team
As a company founder, you are responsible for assembling a successful team that is as invested in the company’s success as you are. Essentially, your team will be running the business, and you will be responsible for leading this team.

Developing a Plan for the Business
During the early stages of a startup business, as a founder, you will need to develop a plan for the business and make sure that officers and employees stick to this plan. You can do this by supervising and working closely with the officers and other employees. Once your business gets underway, you may be able to hire someone who can assist you with growing your business and making sure that your company adheres to the overall business plan.

Finance Management
Unless you have appointed a CFO for your small business, you – the founder – will be responsible for managing all of the finances associated with your business. Since running out of money is obviously detrimental to any small business just starting out, you need to constantly be mindful of the cash flow, revenue, and business expenses. One way to do this is to get into the habit of keeping good records.

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