How to Create a Strong Online Reputation For Your Startup

When you start a business, you are already juggling between your to-do-list. But, even if you are a business owner or a startup owner, there’s one thing that must be on your first prerogative that is to build your online reputation. We live in an online world, so before someone decides to invest/buy your business, they […]

Why Your Startups Needs to Protect Its Online Reputation?

For marketing planning, SEO is a vital tool. Of course, businesses are well versed in it! But, online reputation management is a great tactic –it is a magic wand improving a company’s overall reputation and ranking. So, when companies focus on small business reputation management, the work is around building a compelling brand, drive engagement and word-of-mouth along […]

Digital Marketing Trends for SME

Digital marketing experiences trends are changing consistently due to newer innovations or technologies and customer preferences. It’s significant enough for the companies to be updated on the patterns that are occurring in the business. Digital Marketing Strategy for Small and Medium-Sized Business In this blog, let us talk about some of the essential digital marketing […]

Integrating Social Media Into My Business

Legal Guidelines for my Business’ Social Media Social media extends beyond just the realms of entertainment and distraction — it is an unavoidable part of our personal and professional realities. In particular, corporate use of social media is an increasingly important topic that encompasses legal issues ranging from marketing and advertising to copyright law, sponsorship […]

Drafting Employment Offer Letters

Drafting the right employment letter Building a new business is exciting, and hiring your first employees can be equally as impressive. Many employees in Silicon Valley elect to make employment offers via a written letter. These are helpful for reference and record-keeping purposes. They also provide employment candidates with written documentation of their salaries for […]

Including Redemption Rights in my Preferred Stock

Including Redemption Rights in my Preferred Stock In most cases, publicly-traded corporations issue preferred and common stock. Stockholders who are classified as preferred stockholders are entitled to take their stock dividends and may be able to claim assets before any common stockholders are ever ready to do so. Redemption rights are rights that allow preferred […]


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