Drafting a Management Rights Letter

Venture capital investment often comes with a variety of complex documents. These documents can include stock purchase agreements, stockholder agreements, convertible notes, term sheets, and charter amendments. All of these documents typically arise during the early stages of investment.   However, one of the documents which young entrepreneurs fear most is the management rights letter […]

Do I Need a California Lender’s License?

In the State of California, a finance lender is an individual who is in the business of making commercial and consumer loans. The purpose of a California finance lender’s license is to allow the holder of the license an exemption from the California Constitution’s usury provisions. Some types of loan transactions, like retail installment sales […]

How to Create a Marketing Strategy Before Your Startup Launches?

What is a marketing strategy? No matter how advanced and uncommon is your technology or business model, a startup company usually faces many difficulties while surviving without a proper marketing strategy for startup that centers on customer acquisition. Effective marketing works like a medium that can effectively build the brand’s image and drives messaging to […]

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Founders?

Company founders – particularly the founders of a start-up company – have many duties, roles, and responsibilities which they must execute and undertake. Founders of small businesses are the heart and soul of that business, and they should know what they can do – and what they should refrain from doing – under various circumstances. […]

Performing Due Diligence with Startups

Any time companies engage in mergers and acquisitions, they also perform due diligence. “Due diligence is an expression used to describe a process conducted to ensure that the combination of two companies makes business and financial sense. Many factors are considered, and due diligence is conducted by both parties to a merger or acquisition. Obviously, […]


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