What Do I Need to Include in My Business Plan?


With effective planning, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs can access the tools which will prime their business for success. One important tool is an effective business plan which speaks to investors and enables the business to access much needed startup capital. A Silicon Valley startup attorney can help you design a business plan that makes your creative vision a profitable reality. Contact the experienced corporate attorneys at Startup Company Counsel today to develop a strategy that best meets your business goals and create a written business plan that effectively connects your business with investors.

There is no single right or wrong way to write a business plan. The information contained in a business plan will be determined by the needs of the business, goals of investors, and the nature of the industry. Here are some areas of interest which are commonly covered in business plans:

Executive Summary: An executive summary is a brief statement of what the entrepreneur wants from investors, and what they can expect to gain in exchange. Some entrepreneurs are hesitant to ask for funding from investors at the start of a written business plan or oral presentation. Yet, in many circumstances, a direct and clear statement of intention at the beginning of the presentation can focus an investor’s attention to the entrepreneur’s primary need or request for startup capital.

Market Strategies: Market strategies are those techniques which the business will use to break into an existing market, focusing on understanding the target audience and size of the market opportunity. Proposed strategies should demonstrate that the entrepreneur has studied and analyzed the market, and found effective strategies with demonstrable success in the industry or geographical area (preferably both). For large or complicated industries, the market analysis may warrant its own section within the business plan, which gives it the in-depth treatment that will show investors the strength of the entrepreneur’s market research.

Competitive Analysis: Along with the analysis of the market comes the inevitable discussion of competitors in the industry and geographical area. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? What can the new business offer that they don’t? How can the new business protect itself from new competition once it is established? The competitive analysis should provide investors with strategies for dealing with both immediate and long-term threats from competitors.

Financial Plan: Investors will, of course, want to see that there is a plan for them to recoup their investment – preferably with a profit. Plans should be realistic and sustainable. Attainable numbers which account for real competition, design problems, logistical difficulties, and other common business problems will show investors that you have thoroughly investigated these problems and are prepared to respond to them.

Effective Legal Advice for Effective Business Plans

Let the experienced attorneys at Startup Company Counsel help you build a successful business from the ground up. Schedule a consultation today by calling (855) 353-5377, emailing admin@startupcompanycounsel.com, or submitting a request through our online contact form. Our highly-skilled corporate attorneys will help you put the planning in place to create successful, funded startup

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